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“I just successfully ordered, paid for and arranged delivery of a mattress & box spring for our daughter's move-in day in mid-August. Michael at Dixie Furniture on King St. was very helpful.“

“Dixie Furniture is the best! They couldn't have been better to deal with when my son moved off campus – plus it’s nice to patronize the local business!“

“Michael – Congratulations to your daughter. Your customers will sell for you. Your service is wonderful.“

“We ordered a new bed for our daughter last week for her apartment from Dixie Furniture. It came in on Friday and was delivered at 9:00 a.m. on Monday. I recommend Dixie Furniture to all. Great service! My daughter loves her new bed. Thank you to Michael and All!!!“

“Just completed my purchase of my daughter's futon/click clack. Very good price too!!! Awesome staff to work with. Go see them ... not far from campus, and they deliver and set up. See Michael or Louis. Wonderful experience.“

“We also had a good experience with Dixie last summer - placed order over phone after talking through son's preferred mattress firmness, prices, etc. and got good advice. They arrived and set up bed when they said they would - very easy!“

“Once again ... Dixie furniture ... they are the best ... keep local business going! Got a great desk from there, along with bed, headboard, coffee table and end table ... couldn't be nicer!“

“I used Dixie Furniture today to order mattress and box spring. Very easy! Super nice. GREAT price.“

“Many people recommend Dixie Furniture on King Street. We haven't been there (yet!), but it's a common name on the listserv when questions about furniture come up.“

“Bought one from Dixie two years ago; quick delivery. We have been very satisfied.

“We used Dixie this past June. They were great & gave us a great deal on a mattress, frame and furniture. They were there the next morning to deliver & set up. We checked out other places in the area but got the best deal at Dixie. The owner is an alumnus of C of C.“

“Totally agree. Got a bed and dresser, asked for Wednesday delivery and changed our minds that evening. Called first thing in the morning and they squeezed us in. All the praise given to Mike and his team is well deserved.“

“Highly recommend. Love the dresser and bed we got there.“

“Dixie furniture is the best! Keep patronizing the local businesses!“

“We agree! Dixie Furniture is wonderful to work with! other companies should take lessons about customer service from Dixie! Michael and Louis are wonderful - truly the best!“

“Try Dixie Furniture on King Street for mattress purchase, delivery, and set up. They give a student discount. They deliver and set up and have been around for a long time. All my daughter's friends and parents are pleased with their service. It is a family run business that has survived for a long time...“

“We bought my daughter a new mattress and box spring at Dixie Furniture, and it was a very positive experience. This was 2 years ago when she was going into her 2nd year. They were extremely helpful and polite and delivered the next day.“

“Our experience with Dixie Furniture could not have been better. They bend over backwards to C of C students because the owner - now in his 80s - was a graduate and president of the alumni association. Dixie Furniture is a family-run operation; they are accustomed to doing business with a handshake - or in our case, over the phone.“

“My daughter selected a piece of furniture she liked online & sent the link to us with a "please buy" request. Given the ridiculously expensive price, I gave my daughter an emphatic "NO" and then forwarded the link to Michael at Dixie Furniture. He found something almost identical for half the price.“

“When the futon was scheduled to arrive two weeks after my daughter moved into her off-campus housing, Dixie set up a loaner for her until the new piece arrived. I find them very honorable and easy to do business with.“

“Just wanted to give a "shout-out" about the incredible service we received from Dixie Furniture and Skip Dawson. We arrived at Dixie on Friday afternoon about 4:00 after having flown in from NY. Within 30 minutes, my daughter had chosen a new mattress/boxspring, dresser, desk and nightstand. Skip helped us. At 10:00 Saturday morning, Skip called to let us know that we were first on the delivery schedule. The delivery guys moved in all the pieces in a short time, even moving the bed around when my daughter had trouble deciding where it would go. We could not have asked for better service. Dixie rocks!“

“We had an excellent experience with Dixie. Flew down Friday, went to the store on Friday afternoon; furniture delivered Saturday morning. Great prices.“

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