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Abe Kirshtein

Edith Kirshtein

Dixie Furniture Company was founded in 1946 at 533 King Street by Abe Kirshtein. Abe arrived in Charleston, S.C. in 1920, penniless, and carrying all his worldly possessions in a small suitcase. Three days later he was walking the streets of Charleston peddling soft goods. He worked long and hard hours, and in just a few years, was able to afford a horse and buggy and finally, a Model T auto to continue his peddling.

In January 1946, he opened a very small furniture store. Often he would get up at 4.a.m. to load up a truck with deliveries so he could still open the store on time. Very often his wife, Edith, would “mind the store” while Abe was out collecting on accounts and making deliveries.

By 1947 his 3 sons, Sammy, Louis, and Sol, had either finished college or completed military service and joined their parents in the struggling business. In 1948, Dixie Furniture’s first expansion occurred with the move into an adjacent, remodeled, slightly larger building.

Abe Sol Sammy Louis

Jerry Stanford Michael David

The family worked very hard, and the business prospered. A warehouse was built on Huger Street, and a second Dixie Furniture opened its doors in 1961 at 5550 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston. Extensive remodeling to both the exterior and interior of the King Street location was completed in 1977.

Over the years, 4 third generation Kirshteins, Jerry, Stanford, Michael, and David, entered the family business, which has now become the largest family operated business in the Tri-County area.

In February 1994 Dixie Furniture’s next expansion occurred outside the Tri-County area into neighboring Colleton County by purchasing the former Hudson’s Furniture Warehouse at 809 North Jefferies Boulevard in Walterboro.

Then in 1999 Dixie Furniture grew once more with Dixie Furniture of Beaufort on Highway 170. Dixie also added names like La-Z-Boy and Sealy to their mix.

In 2001 Dixie Furniture marked the new millennium with one of their biggest expansions. Dixie bought out the Heilig-Meyers in Walterboro. With their larger and newly decorated showroom, Dixie has added many galleries and specialized departments. Dixie has also added a full scale sleep center featuring mattresses, futons, bunk beds, sleepers and more from names like Sealy, Ther-A-Pedic, Tempur-Pedic, Capital, Southern Lady, Simmons and more.

Now in Dixie’s third generation, they continue to be the Lowcountry’s #1 Furniture Store... big time buying power and discounts with mom and pop values... a simple yet timeless philosophy.

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